Handwoven Sachipar Biscuit Brown Maroon Khandua Silk Saree


The Sachipar handwoven silk saree is a beautiful representation of the traditional Odisha khandua saree style. This saree is known for its checked patterns that provide a classic power dressing statement, both understated and bold at the same time. The broad and elaborate border of this saree features both thread and ikat work and is a favorite among power-dressers, probably because of its statement-making design. The Sachipar saree is made from high-quality hand-woven mulberry Khandua silk fabric, which is known for its rich texture and intricate designs. The beautiful combination of biscuit brown and maroon in this khandua saree creates a striking and elegant appearance that is sure to turn heads. The Sachipar saree is extremely versatile and can be worn for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies. This saree was also a favorite of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who passed it down to her granddaughter, Priyanka Gandhi. Wear this beautiful Sachipar saree and make a statement with its unique and timeless design.


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