Khandua Red Blue Butterfly Tribal Silk Ikat Saree


Khandua Saree, a popular variety of silk Sarees, which is manufactured in Nuapatna in Cuttack district, has rightly been called the Pride of Odisha. The origin of this Saree, which is dedicated to Lord Jagannath of Puri Dham, a sacred Hindu pilgrimage, dates back to 12th century. Khandua Saree is a classic example of hand weaving, in which traditional wooden looms are used to weave these exquisite and artistic pieces, out of pure Cotton yarn.Khandua Saree is widely acclaimed for its “Ikat” or “Bandha”, an artistic design having its roots in the culture of Odisha. The Saree is available in colors like red, maroon, and yellow and cream and has beautiful borders and anchals. Anchal is the most elegant part of the Saree.Khandua Saree designs include varieties of flowers, elephants and geometrical forms. Another excellent feature of Khandua Saree is its light weight; barely 300 g. Khandua Saree has become a symbol of the unique blend of tradition and modernity, which makes it perfect for the modern age.

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