Khandua Silk Handwoven Magenta Tribal Border Saree


Khandua silk handwoven magenta tribal border saree is a type of traditional saree that originated from Odisha, India. Khandua silk is a type of silk fabric that is handwoven by weavers in Odisha using a traditional technique. The magenta color is a deep, rich shade of pink that is popular in traditional Indian attire. The saree features a tribal border, which is a distinctive feature of Khandua silk sarees. The tribal border is typically woven with intricate designs and patterns that reflect the tribal culture and heritage of the weavers. Khandua silk sarees are popular for their beauty, elegance, and cultural significance. They are often worn on special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies. The saree can be paired with traditional jewelry and accessories to complete the look.


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