Nuapatna Ikat Handloom Green Temple Border Saree without Blouse


A traditional handwoven saree woven by the weavers of Nuapatna, this saree is crafted from fine cotton for a lustrous and strong finish. Ikat technique involves tying and dyeing of yarn prior to weaving which results in its characteristic pattern after weaving.

On handloom, the process of weaving of fabrics is done completely manually without use of electric power. The process requires a harmony of motion and rhythm on the part of weaver to create a unique product.

A traditional practice that is passed on from one generation to another, the weavers of Nuapatna GI Tag (Geographical Indication khandua) Ikat sarees are skilled artisans. Recognised for the intricacy of the details, the weaves are one of its kind. 

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