Sage Green Black Dolabedi Silk Saree


Exclusive woven dolabedi silk saree with intricate multi color motifs on pallu. This delicate dolabedi (puja mandap) design woven on bomkai weaving pattern. Mulbery Sage green Black color silk saree with bootis on matching blouse piece available

Dol Jatra or Dola Parba is a very popular festival in Odisha that is held in the spring time. Dola Jatra , a precursor of the Holi festival marks the kick off a 5 day festival when Chalanti Pratima of Lord Krishna,seated in a portable temple like structure is taken on a procession from the temple by the a special tribe of people known as Goudas (Cow herd community).Dola means swing and utsav is festival. So this is the swing festival of Lord Jagannath which is celebrated with equal pomp and show as that of the festival in Brundavan.

Weaving a Dolabedi saree is intricately painstaking. It takes a significant amount of time& effort to Weave this beauty. It takes on an average about 30 days to weave. This particular pattern is a beautifully inspired from Dola Utsav of Jagannath Temple. Each motif of the saree including the most attractive “dolabedi” (small house motif) along with birds, flowers. Each motif is inspired from the nature and represented in such a creative way. The motifs, which are like a triangle or a dome are woven with extra weft technique.

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