Introducing Monalisa Rath, the passionate wearer and designer of sarees. With a Masters in Fashion and Textile Design, she has an incredible eye for detail when it comes to weaving handloom sarees from her home state – Odisha. Her love for the weavers behind each piece is inspiring; each weave carrying tradition through stories told by generations before. Each fabric carries an elegance that cannot be duplicated anywhere else – carefully crafted with beauty that reaches out beyond cultures. Invest in a statement piece today; one you know was touched with care encompassing passion united togetherness!

Our Story:

Get to know Odisha with Our Story! We are proud to be showcasing the gorgeous handmade sarees, fabrics and textiles of this region. Support local weavers by purchasing our selection of sambalpuri, pasapalli, ikat, bomkai, khandua silk and cotton selections – each produced with great care in accordance with ancient weaving traditions passed down through generations. Make sure you also check out Gopalpur tussar ,dolabedi, Berhampuri & tribal Handloom as well! Shop now and support these artisans – your purchase goes a long way towards sustaining their livelihoods while bringing you beautiful pieces of wearable art.

Our Objectives:
1. To sell and expand demand for the unique, exquisite Handloom products in Indian and world markets via various online marketplaces as well as through exhibitions and exports.
2. To help revive and support traditional designs of arts and crafts so that they survive and thrive.
3. To conceptualize and create product innovations to delight customers. To create custom-made products as per market-demands or for specific events.

Why Sanskriti Cuttack:

We realize that placing an online order for a sari comes with a lot of apprehensions.

What if the colors are different?

What if the sari is not pure silk as claimed?

Valid fears. Chances are that even before you discovered Sanskriti Cuttack, you may have tried buying a sari online and were not completely satisfied. And now, you look at all online stores with doubt.

Let us take this opportunity to briefly point our how we are different from other online stores you may have encountered.

Sanskriti Cuttack a 6 years old textiles group specializing in manufacture, wholesale and export of hand-woven textiles. Our experience enables us to offer premium quality products at most genuine prices every time.

We also have a beautiful small office store in Cuttack, However we are entirely an online shopping portal. Orders has to be through website. We as a brand offer quality. We don’t manipulate pictures. What you see that’s what you get. We don’t provide cash on delivery. 

Relentless Focus on Quality

We at Sanskriti Cuttack have a relentless focus on the quality of products we deliver. Any product that gets added to the online catalogue goes through multiple rounds of quality-checks, including one before the final product is put up for sale, and again before dispatch. We also rigorously evaluate our products in terms of the exclusivity for the price, and try to strike the right balance.

Actual Product Images. No Special effects.

While we offer 4-5 independent product images for our sarees from different angles, we sincerely try to make them convey the real look and feel. For instance in case of sarees, in addition to a side, front and back view, you will also find a close-up shot and a blouse-piece snapshot. We do not add effects to images in an attempt to make them more attractive than the real thing. After all, in order to meet your expectations, we have to ensure that we create the right expectations in the first place.

Detailed Product Descriptions

To further ease product selection, we try to provide accurate product descriptions, including details about the fabric for you to be able to make an informed decision. So you exactly know for sure when you are buying a pure hand-woven sarees.

For sarees, you will also find a brief description of the weave technique used.

Fixed Prices

You will notice that usually we do not have any promotions on Sanskriti Cuttack. It is because we price our products right the first time. As an online sari shopper, you may have gotten used to availing seemingly very attractive discounts. Often, by only evaluating a purchasing decision based on deals and promotions, you lose sight of the effective price you pay. You must ask yourself, where are these discounts coming from?

Super-Prompt Shipping

We understand the importance of prompt delivery for online shoppers. And we definitely do not want the excitement of buying your favorite saree to fade.

All sarees and dupattas that you see on Sanskriti Cuttack (unless marked as sold out) are stocked in our own office and are ready to ship.

In most cases, we are able to ship an order within two business days. Once shipped, it usually gets delivered within 5-8 business days.

Currently we only use express shipping with one of the world’s leading logistics companies.

Efficient Customer Support

Every email you send to our support email id contact@sanskriticuttack.com creates a support ticket, so that all of your queries are attended to promptly and effectively. Though we have a small team, we try to respond to most queries within two business days. Wherever possible, we also try to support existing customers on WhatsApp.

Our team woks tirelessly to make shopping with us convenient, and satisfying.

We invite you to please share your feedback, queries and suggestions by writing to us at contact@sanskriticuttack.com

Once again, thank you for choosing Sanskriti Cuttack.

Monalisa Rath

Passionate about what she does.