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Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, is a state in eastern India known for its rich cultural heritage, art, and handicrafts. One of the famous handicrafts from the state is the Odisha saree, also known as the Sambalpuri saree. The Odisha saree is a traditional handwoven saree made using the Ikat technique. The saree is typically made of silk or cotton and features intricate designs and motifs. The sarees come in a variety of colors and designs, each with its unique charm and elegance. One of the most popular varieties of the Odisha saree is the Sambalpuri saree. These sarees are named after the region of Sambalpur in Odisha, where they originated. The Sambalpuri saree is characterized by its geometric designs and intricate patterns, which are usually woven into the border and pallu of the saree. The making of the Odisha saree is a labor-intensive process, with each saree taking several days to complete. The yarn used in the saree is first dyed using natural dyes, and then the threads are carefully woven on a handloom to create the intricate designs. The Odisha saree is not only a beautiful piece of clothing but also a symbol of the state’s rich cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship. It is popular among women across India and is worn on various occasions such as weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies.

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