Black Maroon Hazarbuti Phoda Kumbha Tussar Saree


A stunning Black Maroon hazarbuti sari on mulberry silk. It is covered with more than 1000 bootis of small fish and flower motifs. As the name goes “Hazar Buti”, it refers to a lot of bootas worn all over the saree. Hazar means thousands and booti is bootas work. Hazarbooti saree is mostly seen in silk fabric, specifically tussar silk and mulberry silk. The bootas detail indone with the unique technique of Ikat. The wrap and weft technique creates the magic all over the aanchal and body. One saree has around 1000 boots making the perfect detailing creating magic. The motifs are of detailed turtles, fish and flowers over the checkered body. The beautiful body has an amazing border of the traditional temple motifs which brings more fascination to the saree.

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