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The Magic of Handloom Fabrics: History, Artistry, and Sustainable Fashion

The surge in sustainable fashion has sparked a tremendous desire for meticulously crafted handmade and hand-loomed items. Handmade pieces possess a distinct charm, showcasing unparalleled artistry and a tangible sense of devotion, as the artisans pour genuine thought, love, and passion into their creations. It comes as no surprise that handloom fabrics have become exceedingly […]

Understanding the Difference between Nuapatna Ikat and Sambalpuri Ikat from Odisha

Oh, hello there, my dearest readers! So, me and one of my buddies recently had a little chitchat about Nuapatna Ikat and Sambalpuri Ikat. You know, since a lot of fancy websites out there like to mix them up, we thought it’s high time we clear things up and discuss the differences between these two […]

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