Burnt Orange Maroon Handspun Gopalpur Tussar Silk Saree


Tussar silk sarees of Gopalpur village in Jajpur district are world famous due to the specialized weaving techniques adopted by the traditional weavers who have learnt this craft from their ancestors and are practising it for generations. Exclusive Handwoven Traditional Gopalpur Tussar Silk Saree from Gopalpur weaving village of Odisha is a most unique Geographical Indication (GI). The amazing texture of the saree along with the bright colour is the perfect combination. Handcrafted in the fine Tussar by tussar and ikat Pallu weaving of Gopalpur, it has every richness you’re looking for in an attire. The intricacy of these sarees will mark the signature of ethnicity in your style statement! Our affinity for the cultural heritage of Odisha is uplifted yet again through this magnificent masterpiece!
Gopalpur Tussar Saree is the perfect choice for a timeless, traditional look. Crafted from the finest Kosa silk, this saree is sure to make you stand out in any crowd. Let your style shine with this gorgeous, handwoven saree that blends classic Odisha Handloom design with modern flair. Shop now and experience the luxury of Gopalpur Tussar Saree for yourself!
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