Buy handloom sarees online from Orissa’s extravagant thread collection

When it comes to wearing statement sarees the marvellous weaves of handloom sarees do have a better claim over others. Whether it is the bold Ikkats of Sambalpuri cotton or last silk Bomkai sarees you will be spoilt of choices as you look through online portal for your pick. Orissa handloom sarees are no longer confined within the precincts of the state but are catching on faster by fashionistas across the world. You can buy handloom sarees directly from the weavers of Orissa and get them delivered at your doorstep within days. Online purchase gives you the privilege of seeing a hoard of handloom sarees ofvaried textures, patterns and colours at a glance making it easier to streamline your choice.

The uniqueness of Orissa handloom sarees lies in their typically distinctive designs that are based on theborders and the pallu of a sari. The popular motifs include temple spires, Rudraksha beads, animals and others. Use of brilliant hues made from vegetable dyes has been taken over by chemical dyes. But still the most exclusive pieces of handloom sarees of our collection are made by the tribal folks of Orissa who have a time- honoured expertise in this art of using natural dyes. Though we are acquainted with Bomkai and Ikkat from the Orissa cotton handloom category of sarees there are many more masterpieces from this state that are craving limelight in the handloom industry.

If you have a penchant for cotton sarees from Orissa buy Handloom sarees online from our portal where the collection is varied and seamless. You will be tailored with some really unique handloom piece of richly coloured and eco friendly fabric making it a reason to grace your wardrobe with such outfit. Orissa cotton Handloom sarees are one of the earliest outfits which never go out of fashion event in the days of boutique and designer apparel. As you wrap the 9 metre long yard around your body in reality you wear the history of the region in your sleeves which is woven in every thread of a handloom saree.

For online shoppers who want to buy handloom sarees in India we have introduced some of the rare varieties of Orissa handloom sarees apart from the popular Bomkaisor Ikkats. These types include the Kotpad saree, Dhalapathar saree, Saptapar/ Pasapallisaree, Khandwa saree andHabaspuri saree. Theseare mainly woven in the village communities of Orissa by skilled and experienced weavers. Some (Dhalapathar) sarees are woven withwet ribbed cloth instead of usingjaala or jacquard while some (Saptapaar) sarees are woven with gold coloured thread. For cotton buff the Khandwa sarees from Nuapatna in Cuttack district is a must have treasure in their closet. These artistic sarees are woven in traditional wooden looms from premium quality cotton yarns. In a nutshell, cotton handloom sarees of Orissa are the fruits of meticulous creativity of the weavers of Orissa who have earned name and fame in the global textile industry. So for those who wants to flaunt their ethnicgrace with cotton, Orissa handloom sarees are highly recommended.

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