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The Saree Influencer Illusion: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Glamorous Charades

In the vast realm of social media, the rise of influencers has been nothing short of spectacular. From makeup gurus to fashionistas, influencers have taken over our screens, shaping our opinions and influencing our purchasing decisions. Among these influencers, the saree goddesses reign supreme—or so we thought. I recently had a conversation with a self-proclaimed […]

I Wear Handloom and So Can You: A Humorous Guide to Sustainable Fashion

In the era of fast fashion and consumerism, sustainability has become a buzzword in the fashion industry. While the trend of wearing eco-friendly clothes has gained momentum in recent years, it’s time to embrace a more sustainable option, “Handloom.” Handloom is an age-old traditional weaving technique that has been used for centuries. It involves weaving […]

“Alka Raghuvanshi” The true Ikat Lover I knew…

23rd June 2020. I received the order for this beautiful black ivory Sambalpuri silk saree.  Alka Raghuvanshi shows the customer name. I am like I know only one Raghuvanshi and she can’t be the same. Being the true connoisseur of ikat why she will buy a saree from a small business like Sanskriticuttack. 24th I […]

Experience the Timeless Elegance of Sambalpuri Sarees with Our Online Collection

Orissa’s Sambalpuri sarees are a cherished treasure for those who adore traditional or ethnic clothing. These sarees have an unrivaled reputation and popularity in the global market. Comprising a strip of 9 meters long unstitched robe, the pallu boasts of exquisite embroidery that is reflected identically on both sides. This unique characteristic of Sambalpuri sarees […]

Orissa handloom cotton silk saree is the ultimate choice of a fashionista

Handloom products form an integral part of a region’s indigenous culture, its history and the collective taste of people residing there. Orissa is no exception with its wide range of handloom cotton and silk sarees.However, there is a third variety of handloom sarees made of a blended fabric called cotton silk that are high in […]

Orissa handloom silk sarees- a superior blend of craftsmanship and ingenuity

Orissa fairly boasts of some of the exquisite collections of handloom silk sarees that are celebrated across the world for their refined finish and meticulous weave. The textile industry of Orissa is deeply influenced by the presiding deity of the state Lord Jagannatha which is displayed in the temple borders, traditional colour use and mythological […]

Handloom cotton silk saree is your perfect attire for semi-formal occasions

Gone are the days when cotton or silk were the only fabrics used in the weaving industry of India. Today, weavers blend different types of yarns to create a new and unique material called cotton silk. This artificial fabric offers the sheen of silk and the comfort of cotton while also providing strength to a […]

Buy handloom sarees online from Orissa’s extravagant thread collection

When it comes to wearing statement sarees the marvellous weaves of handloom sarees do have a better claim over others. Whether it is the bold Ikkats of Sambalpuri cotton or last silk Bomkai sarees you will be spoilt of choices as you look through online portal for your pick. Orissa handloom sarees are no longer […]

Flaunt your classy look with Ikkat dress materials and Sambalpuri silk saree online shopping

As the saying goes, fashion may come and go but style is timeless. If you want to flaunt your statement style with Sambalpuri sarees of Orissa online shopping is your best option which rids you of hopping from one shop to the other to get your pick from. Another advantage of shopping online is you […]

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