Orissa handloom cotton silk saree is the ultimate choice of a fashionista

Handloom products form an integral part of a region’s indigenous culture, its history and the collective taste of people residing there. Orissa is no exception with its wide range of handloom cotton and silk sarees.However, there is a third variety of handloom sarees made of a blended fabric called cotton silk that are high in demand among budget buyers. Cotton silk sarees are available in gorgeous colours and intricately embroidered pallus mimicking the cotton and silk sarees of Orissa handloom. Traditionally bold shades of colors such as red, black, blue and yellow are used for these sarees which gives an extra shine to the cotton silk sarees.

The traditional sarees of Orissa have a long-standing history in Oriya culture, as the presiding deity of the land, Lord Jagannath, is adorned in gorgeous handloom cotton silk sarees with rich embellishments every day. According to historians, shlokas (hymns) from the Gita were woven into cloth and donated to the Jagannath Temple in Puri. These sarees were primarily made on handlooms by skilled weavers across Orissa, using traditional motifs symbolic of the Jagannath Temple, such as wheels, shells, and flowers. Typically, the designs are selected by the weavers, and the entire process of saree making is quite time-consuming. A proficient weaver can manufacture up to 8 handloom sarees (6 cotton and 2 silk) in one month.

According to a survey conducted by the Sambalpuri Handloom Society, the handloom sector employs over one lakh people in Orissa, making it the second-highest employment zone after agriculture. A significant number of families are involved in the process of weaving, dyeing, and embroidering handloom sarees. It is an age-old custom in Orissa for brides to wear traditional Sambalpuri or Bomkai sarees on their wedding day. In such cases, a handloom cotton silk saree could be an excellent choice as a wedding gift. It would be cost-effective and perfectly match the traditional vibe of the occasion.

For many of us, wearing a heavy saree can be a struggle, especially for beginners. In such cases, cotton and cotton silk handloom sarees can be a feasible option as they are lightweight and easy to carry. So, the next time you want to buy an attractive Bomkai or Sambalpuri silk saree, online shopping is the best option to get an exclusive piece from the collection. Online shopping reduces the hassle of going to crowded markets just to buy a single product.

We aim to cater to the needs and tastes of saree lovers who want to buy handloom sarees online in India. The range of sarees available is simply mind-boggling, with numerous options starting from Khandua to Pasapalli in fabulous colors and designs. You will be spoilt for choice as you are virtually thrown into a world of sarees where each one takes over the other in every aspect. Your selected product will be delivered safely to your doorstep, with proper safety measures in place.

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