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Orissa Sambalpuri sarees cater to a different set of customers who have a penchant for traditional or ethnic dressing. These sarees fairly boast of their rich legacy and demand in the global market. A strip of 9 metres long unstitched robe with extravagant embroidery on the pallu which is reflected from both sides almost identically. This is the unique feature of Sambalpuri sarees which sets it apart from other handloom sarees of similar market value. These sarees feature handcrafted designs signifying deep mythological undertones upholding the pride and legacy of the state. It enables the weavers to explore their innovative skills and create beautiful designs on the fabric that inspire a thought or narrate a mythical story.

The origin of Sambalpuri sarees lies to the western part of Orissa which has different varieties based on the weaving patterns and motifs etched on the fabric. These sarees come in different patterns such as Bapta, Barpalli, Bomkai, Pasapalli and Sonepuri but all of them are popularly known as Pata. Most of the Sambalpuri sarees are named after their places of origin. Exquisite cotton and silk sarees are made by experienced weavers from the remotest of villages where handloom industry serves as the main source of sustenance for the majority of the villagers.

The uniqueness of Sambalpuri sarees lies in the fact that premium quality threads are tie-dyed first before they are woven into a fabric. Often two colours are blended together to give a sari a beautiful double colour effect which often takes a week for the completion of the whole procedure. The yarns are tied according to preferred motifs. Mostly vegetable dyes are used to create an ethnic appeal to a sari. If you want to possess one such exclusive gem, you can have a look at our wide range of collection of Sambalpuri saree on sale in our portal.

Sambalpurisarees have gained immense popularity over the years since there is an evolution in its manufacturing technique leading to the production of inimitable sarees of this kind. Celebrities including the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi played a pivotal role in popularizing Sambalpurisarees in India when she started wearing these saris in public meetings. Later a number of celebrities from different walks of the society have acted as brand ambassadors for Sambalpuri saree online shopping portals to help the weavers of Orissa.

Sambalpuri cotton sarees do not undergo much wear and tear due to hand weaving. Once dyed a sari cannot be bleached for the second time. The soft and durable fabric is breathable in nature which makes these sarees high in demand. While a cottonIkkat serves as a perfect regular outfit, ostentatious handloom silk will be a head-turner for any special event. Whether you buy Orissa Sambalpuri saree from our portal or our retail outlet it is always worth your time and money!

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