Discovering the Beauty of Bomkai Saree: My Love Story with the Konark Motif

My Konark Motif Bomkai Saree. And My sister is wearing a partly bomkai saree

Hmm. You all must know about bomkai saree if not own them. So this is Monalisa, and this is my story of how I found new love in the Konark motif Bomkai saree. Bomkai is a myriad of motifs, mostly flowers, tribal arts or doll Bomkai saree. But then one fine day, my weaver showed me this Konark temple motif all over the pallu Bomkai silk saree. The body had Konark Chakra motifs all over the body, rudraksha dobby with a temple border. And this sea green magenta was an absolute love at first sight. The intricacies of the Bomkai saree awestruck me.

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What is a Bomkai Saree?

The Bomkai saree, also referred to as the Sonepuri saree, is a handloom saree that originates from the town of Bomkai, situated in the Ganjam district and Sonepur district of Odisha. This traditional handloom saree dates back to the 8th century and has stood the test of time.

Woven in extra-weft technology on a pit-loom, Bomkai sarees are a fashion staple that every woman should have in their wardrobe. The weavers of Bomkai sarees are highly skilled in weaving unique designs and motifs. They use natural fibers like cotton and silk to create these timeless sarees, which are renowned for their vivid colors, intricate designs, and exceptional durability.

If you are someone who values traditional weaves and wants to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe, Bomkai saree is a perfect choice. You can embrace the rich cultural heritage of Odisha and enjoy the exquisite beauty of handloom sarees that have been cherished for centuries. Whether you prefer floral motifs or tribal designs, Bomkai sarees have something for everyone. So, step into the world of Bomkai saree and experience the enchanting charm of traditional handloom sarees that are a true work of art.

The Konark Motif Bomkai Saree

The Konark motif Bomkai saree is a unique creation that showcases the beauty and artistry of traditional Indian weaves. The Konark motif is inspired by the Sun Temple in Konark, Odisha, which is renowned for its architectural beauty and intricate carvings.

The Konark motif Bomkai saree features the Konark temple motif all over the pallu. The body of the saree is adorned with Konark Chakra motifs and rudraksha dobby with a temple border. The sea green and magenta colors of the saree complement each other, creating a stunning visual effect.

The intricacies of the Konark motif Bomkai saree are truly awe-inspiring. The weavers use a special technique called extra-weft weaving, which allows them to create intricate designs and patterns. The saree is woven in a pit-loom, which gives it a unique texture and durability.

Experience the Love Affair with Traditional Weaves

As someone who adores traditional weaves, I have always been captivated by the exquisite beauty and intricacy of handloom sarees. The Konark motif Bomkai saree is a stunning masterpiece that exemplifies the artistry and proficiency of the weavers of Odisha.

At Sanskriti Cuttack, my baby, my brand, we are a small business based in Cuttack, Odisha, that specializes in handloom sarees. Our extensive collection of Bomkai sarees includes the mesmerizing Konark motif Bomkai saree.

Choosing to shop with small businesses like ours means you are actively supporting the preservation of traditional weaves and the remarkable craftsmanship of Indian handloom sarees. It is an excellent way to contribute to the local economy and empower rural communities.

A handloom saree is more than just a fashion statement. It is a cultural emblem that celebrates the richness of Indian heritage. Every saree has a story to tell, from its origin to the hands that wove it, and the person who adorns it. It is a symbol of pride and identity, reflecting the unique persona of its wearer.

Bomkai sarees are not merely pieces of cloth, but rather works of art that embody the diverse culture and tradition of Odisha. The Konark motif Bomkai saree is a prime example of this. It is an exquisite blend of ancient art and contemporary fashion that transcends time and fashion trends.


The Konark motif Bomkai saree is a beautiful creation that represents the rich heritage and tradition of Odisha. It is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe who appreciates traditional weaves and loves to flaunt their cultural identity. The intricate designs and vibrant colors of the saree make it a perfect choice for any occasion, be it a wedding, festival, or a casual gathering.

By shopping with small businesses like Sanskriti Cuttack, you not only get to own a piece of art but also contribute to the local economy and support the weavers of Odisha. It is a great way to promote sustainable fashion and preserve the cultural heritage of India.

So, if you are looking for a unique and beautiful saree, check out the Bomkai saree collection from Sanskriti Cuttack. Experience the love affair with traditional weaves and flaunt your cultural identity with pride.

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