Falling in Love with Sambalpuri Sarees: My Journey to Building a Collection


The Sambalpuri saree is a traditional handloom saree from the state of Odisha in India. This saree is known for its unique texture and intricate weaves that have been passed down through generations of skilled weavers. The motifs used in the Sambalpuri saree are typically inspired by nature and the traditional art forms of the region, such as the Sambalpuri Bandha Kala, a technique of tie-dyeing used to create geometric and floral designs.


My first encounter with the Sambalpuri saree was when I saw my mother wearing one. I was immediately captivated by the saree’s beauty and the way it draped around her, enhancing her grace and elegance. The saree’s texture felt unlike any other saree I had seen before, and the traditional motifs made it look so unique and special.


Since then, I have developed a deep appreciation for the Sambalpuri saree and added many of them to my personal collection. Among my favorites are the Single color double ikat Utkallaxmi Silk Sambalpuri Saree, the Double ikat Lotus parrot Silk Sambalpuri saree, and some cotton beauties in the sambalpuri cotton section. Each of these sarees has a story to tell, from the traditional weaves to the motifs that adorn them.


One of my most cherished Sambalpuri sarees is the Red Sambalpuri pasapalli silk saree. This saree is made using the Pasapalli technique, which involves weaving intricate geometric patterns in red and black. The saree’s texture is soft and smooth, and it drapes beautifully, making me feel elegant and graceful every time I wear it.


Another favorite of mine is the Animal motifs Jungle Double Ikat Silk Sambalpuri saree. This saree is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, with its animal-inspired motifs and contemporary color palette. The saree’s intricate weave and the use of vibrant colors make it stand out and turn heads wherever I go.

In recent years, the Sambalpuri saree has gained popularity not just within India but also internationally. Many designers have incorporated Sambalpuri weaves into their collections, bringing this beautiful art form to a wider audience. This has not only helped to preserve the traditional craft but also provided a source of livelihood for the weavers.

As someone who loves handloom sarees, I believe that it is essential to support the handloom industry and the weavers who create these masterpieces. Owning a handloom saree not only adds a touch of elegance to your wardrobe but also helps to preserve a traditional art form and support the livelihoods of the weavers who create them.

The Sambalpuri saree is a beautiful and unique handloom saree that is deeply rooted in tradition and craftsmanship. From its intricate weaves to the nature-inspired motifs, every Sambalpuri saree has a story to tell. As someone who loves handloom sarees, I cherish my collection of Sambalpuri sarees and believe that these beautiful creations should be celebrated and preserved for generations to come.

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