Green And Maroon Handwoven Mayur Chandrika Khandua Silk Saree

The Khandua saree is a traditional form of weaving that is woven using wooden weaving machines. The entire village of Nuapatna is dedicated to this traditional art of hand weaving. The saree has its own unique designs, colors, and types.

The main attraction of this saree is that it is made from the silk yarn of mulberry worm. Due to the high demand for the yarn, a few co-operative societies have taken up the task of cultivating the worms to cater to the needs of the weavers. The quality of the yarn is strictly monitored to ensure that it is free from any contaminants, and the silk saree produced is consistently acclaimed worldwide.

The Khandua saree is well known for its Ikat, which is also commonly known as ‘bandha‘. The art of Ikat is based on the cultural heritage of Odisha, and the borders and anchals of the saree are adorned with many attractive designs. The saree is traditionally designed in red, yellow, maroon, and cream colors. It is commonly worn by Odissi dancers who represent the dance form in India and abroad. The visual impact of the sarees is charming and widely appreciated by artists, and the name ‘Khandua‘ is so revered that the National Handloom Expo was once named after it.

To meet the demand for modern designs, the weaving families have adapted themselves to produce various contemporary and handmade designs. The anchal, or the pallu, of the saree is the most attractive part and makes a woman look elegant and graceful. Designs of elephants, lotuses, and other varieties of flowers, as well as modern looks with geometrical patterns, are also created. The best feature of this saree is that it weighs only 300 grams. The Khandua saree has maintained its traditional artistic form with a blend of modern touch, according to the current demand.

The Khandua saree has gained popularity in the international market. Those who wish to place an order can contact them on their website. The Orissa Handloom Weaver’s Corporation can cater to the orders and supply the required design, color, and quality of the fabric.

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