Magnificence of Khandua Pata Silk Sarees: Unveiling the Artistry of Maniabandha and Nuapatna

Khandua Pata Silk Sarees
Khandua Pata Silk Sarees

Khandua Pata silk sarees symbolize the cultural heritage and craftsmanship of Odisha, with the villages of Maniabandha and Nuapatna playing a vital role in preserving and showcasing the artistry behind these magnificent garments. Join us on a journey into the captivating world of Khandua Pata silk sarees as we uncover the stories woven into their very fabric.

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A Legacy Woven in Threads:

Centuries ago, the renowned poet Jayadeva immortalized the connection between art and spirituality by weaving his masterpiece, ‘Gitagobinda,’ into intricate fabrics. These fabrics were meticulously crafted in his native Kenduli village using the tie-dye method. The fame and beauty of these fabrics caught the attention of the King of Puri, who ordered Nuapatna (Tigiria) to supply Gitagobinda fabrics. Thus, the legacy of Khandua Pata silk sarees was born.

The Marvel of Weaving Techniques:

Skilled artisans in Maniabandha and Nuapatna meticulously weave Khandua Pata sarees using traditional tie-dye methods. This elaborate process involves winding, warping, design, setting, drafting, denting, and weaving. Mulberry Silk threads are spun on traditional charkhas, creating bobbins ready to be transformed into magnificent sarees. Each step in the process requires precision and expertise, with artisans dedicating hours to create just one saree.

Exquisite Motifs and Patterns:

Khandua Pata silk sarees captivate with their plain body or intricate flower motifs adorning the fabric. Vibrant colors and contrasting borders enhance their visual appeal. The pallu showcases captivating motifs such as stars, temple conches, Rudraksha beads, fish, chakras, lotuses, swans, peacocks, parrots, deer, elephants, lions, and the captivating dance of Devdasis. These motifs hold deep cultural significance and add charm to the sarees. The motifs are arranged in horizontal rows on the pallu, creating a stunning visual impact.

A Confluence of Culture and Divinity:

Khandua Pata silk sarees hold a special place in Odisha’s cultural heritage. They are closely intertwined with Lord Jagannath and are prominently used in the creation of the deity’s ‘Angavastra’ (sacred cloth). The sarees are considered auspicious and are used in various religious rituals and ceremonies. Lord Jagannath’s association with Khandua fabric extends beyond the sarees, as his ‘Angavastra’ is traditionally made from Khandua fabric, symbolizing the divine connection between the deity and the people of Odisha.

From Weft to Warp: Nuapatna’s Unique Technique:

Nuapatna, renowned for its expertise in Khandua Pata silk sarees, stands out for its distinct tie-dye technique, setting it apart from other weaving centers. Weavers focus on tie-dyeing the weft, which is the horizontal thread, while keeping the warp beam, the vertical thread, a single color. This creates a beautiful contrast between the tie-dyed weft and the solid-colored warp, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the sarees. The border portion showcases warp tie-dye with intricate designs and patterns, whilethe anchal or pallu displays weft tie-dye, featuring captivating motifs and scenes.

Marketability and Modern Touches:

To cater to evolving tastes and preferences, weavers have embraced innovative tie-dye techniques that infuse vibrant colors and clear motifs into the sarees. These modern touches not only enhance the visual appeal of Khandua Pata silk sarees but also increase their marketability. Weavers strive to create sarees that cater to the preferences of the present generation while maintaining the traditional value and craftsmanship cherished for centuries. As a result, Khandua Pata silk sarees have gained popularity not only in traditional ceremonies and rituals but also in contemporary fashion and as high-end garments.


The timeless allure of Khandua Pata silk sarees from Maniabandha and Nuapatna is a testament to the mastery and artistry of Odisha’s weavers. These garments not only showcase the richness of the region’s cultural heritage but also reflect the deep-rooted connection between spirituality, art, and craftsmanship. With their intricate motifs, vibrant colors, and exceptional craftsmanship, Khandua Pata silk sarees continue to captivate the hearts of people worldwide. Each saree is a work of art, carrying within it the stories of ancient traditions, divine associations, and the skillful hands that bring them to life. Explore the beauty and legacy of these exquisite sarees, and embrace the artistry passed down through generations in the villages of Maniabandha and Nuapatna. Immerse yourself in the stories woven into every thread, and experience the sheer magnificence of Khandua Pata silk sarees. Elevate your wardrobe with these timeless treasures, connecting to a rich cultural heritage while embracing the beauty of modern fashion.

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