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Reviving the Lost Glory of Siminoi Sarees: The Unique Handloom Weave of Odisha

[Our revival Siminoi saree with yinyang motifs] Siminoi sarees may not be as famous as other handloom products in Odisha like Sambalpuri cotton, Kotpad or Khandua, but they are unique and have a rich history. In the past, Siminoi sarees were considered better than other handloom products in the region. Unfortunately, today, there is not […]

Festive Shopping for Odisha Handloom: Celebrate Traditional Weaves with Style 2019

The state of Odisha in India is renowned for its vibrant handloom textiles, which showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region. These textiles are characterized by intricate weaves, vibrant colors, and unique designs, making them popular among fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Festive seasons in India are incomplete without the perfect ethnic wear, and Odisha handloom […]

Sanskriti @ Panache Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition at Vizag, Aug 2019

Taj Gataway Hotel, Beach Road, Vizag.

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