The Cash on Delivery Dilemma: A Small Business Perspective

A Relieved Parcel Delivery

When you run a small business, every order counts. As an entrepreneur, I understand the struggles and uncertainties that come with building and maintaining a brand. One particular experience with a cash on delivery (COD) order left me both relieved and horrified, revealing the challenges faced by small businesses like mine.

The Rise of Cash on Delivery during the Lockdown

During the first lockdown, the world came to a halt. People were confined to their homes, and online shopping became a lifeline. As a result, the number of COD orders skyrocketed. However, this sudden surge posed a significant problem for small businesses like mine.

The Horror of Parcel Rejection

Once the lockdown lifted, I made it a point to contact all customers who had placed COD orders to confirm their intent to receive the parcels. Surprisingly, most customers agreed, giving me a glimmer of hope. However, that hope quickly turned into horror as a large chunk of these buyers failed to receive their parcels.

The Costly Consequences for Small Businesses

The repercussions of these rejected COD orders were financially devastating for my small business. Not only did I lose the cost of shipping the parcel to the customer, but I also had to bear the burden of the return transportation fees imposed by the delivery company. It was a double blow that left me questioning the viability of offering COD as a payment option.

A Decision to Adapt and Protect Livelihoods

Determined to protect my livelihood and mitigate future risks, I made a firm decision. From that day forward, I vowed to no longer offer cash on delivery without safeguards in place. Recognizing that small businesses have a lot at stake, including their very survival, I had to take action.

A New Approach: Taking Partial Payments

In an effort to strike a balance between customer satisfaction and business security, I devised a new strategy. For COD orders, I now request a 20% payment upfront before dispatching the parcel. This partial payment ensures that customers are committed to receiving their order, while also reducing the risk of losses for my business.

The Dilemma and the Plea for Understanding

As a small business owner, I empathize with customers who prefer cash on delivery as a payment option. However, it is important to understand that we face significant challenges and risks. If you are adamant about cash on delivery, I urge you to consider placing your orders with businesses that can accommodate this payment method.

I cannot afford to entertain the charades of customers who reject parcels and leave me with the burden of transportation costs. Small businesses like mine have their livelihoods on the line, and we must make decisions that protect our interests.

To conclude, the cash on delivery dilemma has forced me to adapt and find solutions that strike a balance between customer demands and business sustainability. By implementing partial payments for COD orders, I can mitigate the risks while still accommodating customers’ preferences. It is my hope that this article sheds light on the challenges faced by small businesses and fosters a better understanding between buyers and sellers in the e-commerce landscape.

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