Why Are Youth Attracted Towards Handloom Products?


Handloom – one of India’s undeterred segment of glory. It showcases India’s rich culture and heritage in the best possible manner.
Moreover, it’s needless to say that handloom products are well-known for their unbaiting fashion sensibility and authentic appeal. A creative blend of newer designs and color patterns further adds to its bandwagon.

Fashion enslaves today’s youth. They cannot resist from embracing the contemporary fashion tricks espoused by their favorite celebs. Nowadays an increasing number of celebrities are promoting handloom attires of emerging brands influenced by the quintessential level of comfort and eco-friendliness of handloom garments. All thanks to the ‘Go Green’ fashion trends! The present generation is fast progressing towards forming a socio-environmentally conscious consumer community as well.

Handloom products easily win the trust and confidence of consumers, especially our well informed teenagers, due to their premium quality. Added to this, their elegant appearance makes them suitable for both formal and informal occasions. For instance, nothing can be more suitable than wearing a sambalpuri suit to attend an interview or an ikkat saree to pop up at a wedding reception.

Fusion works like tribal print on handloom textile also drive adolescents crazy adding up to their taste of fashion. Furthermore, no one can deny the fact that a wide range of jewelry and accessories go pretty well with handloom attires, thus, providing the bearer a divine magnificent aura of beauty.

Young customers buy extensively from e-commerce platforms and the good news is that our handloom sector is gradually expanding its reach coming much closer to young fashion enthusiasts.
Undoubtedly, such handloom craze among the youth will keep growing ceaselessly and exuberantly for years to come.

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