5 Days of Diwali Festival Styling Tips: Shine Bright with These Unique Outfit Ideas

Diwali Festival Styling
Diwali Festival Styling

The festival of Diwali is right around the corner, and it’s time to plan your outfits that will make you shine during the five days of celebration. Diwali is all about lights, joy, and togetherness, and your style should reflect the same. Whether you’re attending family gatherings, visiting friends, or celebrating with your loved ones, here are some unique and trendy styling tips for each day of Diwali that will make you the center of attention.

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Day 1: Dhanteras

Dhanteras marks the beginning of the Diwali festivities, a day dedicated to wealth and prosperity. On this auspicious day, choose a traditional yet elegant look. Opt for a beautiful silk saree or a stylish kurta with intricate embroidery. Accessorize with gold or silver jewelry to symbolize opulence. Make sure to keep your makeup subtle to let your outfit shine.

If you opt for a silk saree, consider draping it in a unique style to stand out. The classic Nivi style, Bengali, or Gujarati draping can give your attire a distinct look. Additionally, choose jewelry that complements your outfit. A statement necklace or a pair of chandelier earrings can add a touch of elegance.

Day 2: Choti Diwali

Choti Diwali, also known as Naraka Chaturdashi, is the day to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. To make a statement, consider wearing a lehenga or an anarkali suit in vibrant colors. Bright hues like orange, pink, or deep red are perfect for this day. Pair your outfit with statement earrings and a stunning bindi.

For a unique twist, experiment with asymmetrical cuts and contemporary silhouettes. An off-shoulder anarkali or a lehenga with a high-low hem can add a modern touch to your traditional attire.

Day 3: Diwali

The main day of Diwali calls for something grand. Choose a regal attire such as a designer saree or a sherwani. Traditional fabrics like silk or brocade work wonders. Embellish your ensemble with intricate work and add a touch of glam with statement jewelry. Don’t forget to apply a bold makeup look, with smokey eyes and bold lips.

For women, opt for a designer saree with exquisite zari or stone work. Make a grand entrance with a traditional banarasi saree or a Kanjivaram saree. Men can choose a sherwani with ornate embroidery or brocade work. Remember, Diwali is the time to go all out with opulent fabrics and accessories.

Day 4: Govardhan Puja

On the fourth day of Diwali, people celebrate Govardhan Puja. For a more relaxed yet elegant look, go for a pastel-colored anarkali or a kurta with minimal embellishments. This day is all about embracing simplicity, so keep your jewelry and makeup subtle. A flower bun or a low ponytail can complete your look effortlessly.

To add a personal touch, consider wearing a handwoven cotton or linen kurta. These breathable fabrics are perfect for a comfortable and relaxed day of festivities. Keep your makeup light with a dewy finish for a fresh look.

Day 5: Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is a day to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters. Opt for a beautiful ethnic dress or a saree in your favorite color. You can experiment with different draping styles to add a modern twist. Minimal jewelry and a natural makeup look will make you look fresh and radiant.

To personalize your Bhai Dooj look, choose a saree or outfit in your sibling’s favorite color as a symbol of your bond. Add a touch of nostalgia by wearing a piece of jewelry that holds sentimental value, such as a bracelet or pendant.

Now, let’s delve into some additional styling tips to ensure you stand out during the Diwali festivities:

Accessorize Right

The right accessories can elevate your Diwali look. Jhumkas, statement necklaces, and bangles are must-haves for women, while men can opt for stylish cufflinks and brooches. Be mindful not to overdo it; sometimes, less is more.

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces from your wardrobe to create a unique look. Experiment with contrasting colors and textures to stand out. For example, pair a plain silk kurta with a heavily embroidered dupatta.

Footwear Matters

Your choice of footwear can make or break your outfit. For women, traditional juttis or mojaris complement Indian attire beautifully. Men can opt for elegant traditional shoes like khussa or kolhapuris.


Consider your hairstyle as an essential part of your overall look. A traditional bun with gajra (flower garland) is a classic choice for women. Men can go for a well-groomed hairstyle that complements their outfit.

Makeup Tips

Subtle makeup is generally the way to go for Diwali, letting your outfit take the spotlight. Soft eyeshadows, kohl-rimmed eyes, and a bold lip color are great choices for women. Men should keep their grooming minimal and fresh.

Keep Comfort in Mind

While looking stylish is important, comfort should not be compromised. Choose outfits that allow you to move and enjoy the festivities without any discomfort. A well-fitted outfit that suits your body type is a top priority.

Personalize Your Look

Add a touch of your personality to your Diwali outfit. Whether it’s a unique piece of jewelry that holds sentimental value or a favorite color that makes you feel confident, make it your own.

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By following these styling tips for each day of the Diwali festival, you’ll not only look stunning but also feel confident and festive. Diwali is a time for joy, and your style should reflect that happiness. So, go ahead and prepare to shine brightly during this beautiful celebration

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