Slay Your Look: What to Wear to an Indian Wedding as a Guest!

Indian Wedding as a Guest
Indian Wedding as a Guest

When you receive that coveted invitation to an Indian wedding, you’re in for a celebration of culture, tradition, and love. But the big question is, what should you wear to leave a lasting impression? Whether it’s your first or fiftieth Indian wedding, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide to being a stylish guest at this grand affair.

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1. Embrace Vibrant Colors:

Indian weddings are all about colors that pop and catch the eye. Don’t be afraid to embrace bright and bold shades like red, royal blue, or fuchsia. These colors symbolize joy and love, and you’ll blend right in. The vibrancy of Indian weddings is unparalleled, so make sure your outfit reflects this exuberant celebration.

2. Traditional Sarees:

A saree is the epitome of elegance and femininity. Whether you opt for a silk saree with intricate embroidery or a lightweight chiffon saree with delicate floral prints, it’s a timeless choice that’s sure to turn heads. A well-chosen saree drapes gracefully and enhances your silhouette, making it an ideal choice for an Indian wedding.

3. Lehenga Choli:

For a more contemporary and trendy look, consider a lehenga choli. This two-piece ensemble consists of a flared skirt (lehenga) and a cropped top (choli) with captivating designs. It’s not only comfortable but also highly fashionable. Lehenga cholis allow you to mix and match colors and patterns, enabling you to create a unique and personalized look.

4. Anarkali Suits:

Anarkali suits are another fabulous option for those seeking elegance and comfort. These long, flowy dresses with fitted bodices are known for their grace and style. They come in a variety of designs, from classic to modern, allowing you to choose one that suits your personal style and the formality of the wedding.

5. Salwar Kameez:

If you prefer a slightly more relaxed and versatile look, a salwar kameez is perfect. This three-piece outfit includes a tunic (kameez), pants (salwar), and a matching dupatta. It’s both stylish and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for long ceremonies and receptions. Accessorize with statement jewelry to complete the look.

6. Don’t Forget the Accessories:

Elevate your outfit with the right accessories. Add statement jewelry, like jhumka earrings, bangles, and a bindi. These will complement your attire and make you shine. When it comes to accessories, the mantra is often “the more, the merrier.” Don’t be afraid to go all out with jewelry and embellishments to embrace the opulence of the occasion.

7. Men’s Attire:

Gents, we’ve got you covered too. A traditional Indian wedding look for men typically includes a sherwani or a kurta-pajama. These outfits exude sophistication and elegance. Sherwanis, in particular, are adorned with intricate embroidery and can be paired with churidar pants or dhotis. Elevate your look with a turban or a stylish stole.

8. Appropriate Footwear:

For both men and women, comfortable and stylish footwear is essential. Women can opt for embellished flats or heeled sandals, while men can choose traditional mojris or juttis. These footwear options complete your look and ensure you can dance the night away.

9. Blend Tradition with Your Style:

While traditional outfits are a must, you can still add your personal touch. Mix and match colors and accessories to showcase your unique style while respecting the cultural theme of the wedding. Personalization is key, as it allows you to feel comfortable and confident in your attire.

10. Dress According to the Season:

Consider the season when choosing your outfit. Lighter fabrics like chiffon and georgette are ideal for summer weddings, while heavier silk or brocade outfits will keep you warm during winter celebrations. Remember to check the weather forecast for the wedding day to make the right choice.

11. Know the Dress Code:

Sometimes, the invitation might specify a dress code. Pay attention to this detail and dress accordingly, whether it’s black-tie, semi-formal, or traditional attire. Following the dress code ensures you fit in perfectly with the wedding’s overall ambiance.

12. Avoid Wearing White or Black:

White is reserved for mourning in Indian culture, and black is often associated with funerals. So, steer clear of these colors to avoid any unintentional offense. Opt for colors that reflect the joyous and celebratory nature of the event.

13. Be Mindful of Skin Exposure:

While Indian attire can be ornate and colorful, it’s also modest. Ensure your outfit covers you appropriately and maintains the decorum of the event. Pay attention to the neckline and hemline to strike the right balance between style and modesty.

14. Complement the Couple:

Find out the colors the couple will be wearing and try to complement their choices. It’s a thoughtful gesture that shows respect for their special day. Coordinating with the couple’s color scheme demonstrates your attention to detail and enhances your connection to the celebration.

15. Hair and Makeup:

Elegance extends beyond clothing. Pay attention to your hair and makeup. Traditional hairstyles like a bun or braids and natural makeup are often the best choices. Consider booking a professional makeup artist and hairstylist for that perfect, polished look.

16. Pack a Shawl or Scarf:

Indian weddings can go on for hours, and the venues can vary in temperature. Carry a shawl or scarf to keep warm if needed. A versatile shawl can also serve as a stylish accessory to drape over your shoulders.

17. RSVP on Time:

Help the couple plan by sending your RSVP in a timely manner. This ensures they can accommodate you and your plus one if you have one. Your punctuality and consideration will be greatly appreciated.

18. Coordinate with Your Plus One:

If you’re attending with a partner, coordinate your outfits to look like a cohesive pair. It adds an extra touch of elegance. Coordinating your attire creates a harmonious and visually appealing presence at the wedding.

19. Respect the Traditions:

During the wedding ceremony, respect the customs and traditions. Stay attentive and follow the lead of the other guests. Understanding and respecting the customs not only enhances your experience but also shows your reverence for the traditions.

20. Dance the Night Away:

Indian weddings are renowned for their energetic dance performances. Join in the celebration and dance to the beats of Bollywood music. Engage in the festivities and let your hair down as you partake in the joyous and lively dance performances that are a hallmark of Indian weddings.

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Dressing as a guest at an Indian wedding is an exciting opportunity to explore a rich and colorful culture. Embrace vibrant colors, choose traditional outfits, and remember to be respectful and considerate. Your attire should reflect your appreciation for the couple’s special day while allowing your personal style to shine through. So, go ahead and prepare to dazzle at the next Indian wedding you attend! With the right outfit and a thoughtful approach, you’ll be a guest to remember, and your presence will be cherished by the couple and their families.

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