Berhampuri Patta (Phoda Kumbha) Saree & Joda- Introduced at Berhampur town in 14th century AD by the Mohuri king.  Also known as the silk city of India, Berhampur – or the city of Lord Brahma – in Odisha – is where the famed, yet now flailing, Berhampuri Patta silk saris are woven. Unique for the fact that they are made in Joda (pairs) – the sari for the women, and the matching joda for the men, these iconic drapes are known for their typical Odishi weaving style – and also the kumbha or temple design. Their famous temple style designs are colloquially known as ‘phoda kumbha’ or ‘badhi kumbha’. 2 weavers engaged per throw shuttle pit loom for weaving of Phoda Kumbha (Temple spire) at border. These precious saris were once the pride of Odisha, and were worn by brides for their wedding ceremony.

The special thing about sarees from Odisha is the vibrant colour and texture of the fabrics. When you go to pick up an Odisha saree, you are bound to get awed by the range of exquisite weaves, embroideries and versatile designs on the saree.

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