Pic 1 is Not odisha #dolabedi
Pic 2 is definitely made by odisha weaver and it’s an authentic dolabedi.

Just because some other state came up with a look alike that doesn’t make it dolabedi. Our name came from our festivity. Our dolabedi is a product of hard work and time consuming art. These sarees have captured imaginations of worldwide handloom saree lovers for their exquisite work. ‘Dolabedi’ is the raised platform with an arch located outside the outer compound wall of the main Temple, to which the deities are taken in a ‘Dola Jatra’ procession during festivitiy at Puri called ‘Dola Purnima’ or ‘Holi’! There are multicoloured butas in the body. The pallu is very colourful too. The colourful part is offset against the relatively plain and simple body, which actually makes it look regal. it is a recent innovation with traditional motifs. It is one of the expensive and exquisite Odisha weaves.

It might not be must for every wardrobe (I still don’t own one) but it sure is a saree unlike anything like the first picture. Making copy is not always a bad thing but branding it with a beautiful weave is definitely ghor paap. Say yes or no to copy is according to u and your wallet. But calling this Odisha dolabedi is definitely heights. Call me rude but I feel this needed to be done. Thank you for reading.
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