Lotusparrot Our Signature Saree in Black

“Lotus-parrot” in Black… I would like to thank you all first to love and support the saree. Yes there are many kind of lotusparrot available with many sellers. But this is something we created with leap of faith that it will get noticed. But we did not know that it will get loved by each one of you. 

Writing my first blog of this year on the same saree. People were booking the emerald green lotus Parrot with full swing. But this black was just a thought in mind. First I don’t weave the sarees. 2nd it’s entirely upto the tie and dye person how will he do the justice to the colors in my mind. I tried to explain the colors I wanted. And with a promise that he will show me the tie dye results before weaveing. So we waited patiently. The plan was to introduce the saree by the time of Durgapuja in 2020 October. Thanks to all the people involved in process made the saree on time. And the initial plan was to make 4 sarees which is the minimum requirements to make a saree. And as you supported the weave so far we have made 16+ sarees in black. And it’s going strong. 

This is a Sambalpuri ikat pure mulberry saree. We as a brand offer only quality. As we don’t show the palla and blouse no copier yet to copy our signature saree. So as far as this saree concerns only available with us. It’s not available with any other brand. And we only take bookings in website. So please book your saree in website. We will dispatch within 15days time. 


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