Choose your Saree Influencer Carefully!!!

I was doing my research on this topic and started surfing and got many articles about all the saree influencers you must follow. My question to all the saree lovers, why they have the power to hold the position? Do they deserve to be the saree idol? Well I might not be the right person to answer the question. But I certainly am looking for the answer from the day I got to know about the culture and followed some of them in instagram.

Now the time as such that we don’t have to visit a store and buy a saree. We just sit with our phone wherever we wish and browse any number of website and buy a beautiful saree in no time. Yes I agree, the online shopping doesn’t give the opportunity of touching or feeling the material or seeing the beauty of the saree with naked eyes. But it’s a priority. First because it’s a possibility because of internet revolution and 2nd because of current covid 19 situation.

With so many businesses going online small sellers need to reach to different buyers through the So called saree influencers. Because we the mango people made them such as whatever they wear we run after the product. There comes the horror where because they have the following, they come up with their absurd demands and the seller even fulfills it because they want to reach more people and that’s the easiest way to do it.

Let me lay out the options given to the seller by the influencers. First they will select the product from your lot. Then the price for either post, reel or instagram story or all three. How many posts you want for the product. Accordingly the prices will be given. Some are very humble influencers, so they return the saree after wearing it. And the seller have to bear the return cost. Which I am sure in india don’t cost more than 200 to 250 rupees. Nothing compared to the amount they have charged. Influencer posts go as minimum as 3000 to depends on the engagement the influencer has on her page. And the lesser number following influencers go for barter. Basically give and take. Give your product free and they will put the posts tagging your brand.

And there’s the millennials. Tobe honest they have collected sarees all their life. So it’s not possible for the younger generation to buy those many sarees in a short period of time. And the word twisting of the millennials are of different level. But do they have the best collection. I doubt it. And does it mean that the small sellers should not get the chance to showcase the evolved handloom products. Well no, they collected sarees at a time when handloom was not as popular as chiffon sarees. Forget internet, apart from some major weaves, we were unaware of that every part of india had so much to offer.

Time has changed, so is the technique and evolution of handloom. Even most of the younger generation want to buy a handloom than a random powerloom saree. But choose your influencers carefully. Handlooms don’t made by machine nor it comes in multiple pieces. It’s not always easy to get the exact replica of a old weave. Handlooms take their time and they are unique on their own. They don’t need influencers approval to become a master piece. Sarees of each and every place speak their language. They are the heritage of that place. No amount of influencers can change that. Take your judgement call. You only know what will look good on you. Not the influencer. Thank you for reading ❤️

P:S: This is my view on influencers. I know some of the saree lovers (can’t call them influencers because they never cared for internet approval) who know or knew where they are putting their money and if it’s worth or not.



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