Dongria Kondh – The Tribe of the Niyamgiri Hills Of Odisha

The identity of a saree comes from its weavers. How the threads of cotton or silk will be woven, in what pattern, and what colors will be used – are all decided by the weavers. We love to own and wear heritage handloom saree created by the skilled artisans of our country. But is that enough?

Our sarees are not just a part of our closet – it is our identity that we pass on from generation to generation, it is what we flaunt during festivals, and it is an elegance that makes us look the most beautiful. So, it’s important to know the story behind your saree and the hands that created them.



The Story of Dongria Kondh – The Worshippers of the Mountain God

The Dongria Kondh, a tribe hailing from the eastern state of Orissa, is the creator of the celebrated Dongria Kondh sarees and shawls that we have all come to love and cherish. The name rings a bell, doesn’t it? It is the same tribal group, who stood against mining giant Vedanta Resources and stopped them from destroying the Niyamgiri hill range for bauxite mining.

The 8,000 plus community of the Dongria Kondh or Jharnia Kondh nurture a deep reverence for their God Niyam Raja, the forests, the streams, and the hills. Their life and every aspect of it is so influenced by the eco-system of the hills, that it shows even in their art and crafts like the colorful triangular embroidery seen on the pallu of the Dongria Kondh sarees.



Dongria Kondh Saree – A Tribal Masterpiece

The Dongria Kondh saree is an intricate part of Indian handloom and a tribal masterpiece. The name gained limelight after the 2013 mining controversy mentioned earlier. However, today, Dongria Kondh is also known for its exquisitely beautiful sarees and shawls that the tribal weavers produce, apart from the mining battle with Vedanta Resources.

The women of the Dongria Kondh tribe do the weaving and it is the most common piece of art produced in the community. They mostly weave coarse cotton shawls and sarees in vivid, bright colors and adorn them with the design of their supreme deity – Niyamraja, the God of the mountains. The tribe lives secluded, hidden in the forests of the Niyamgiri range. So, most of the weaving is done by hand.

Being so exclusive, these organic Dongria Kondh sarees are considered a rare and precious piece of art that is the pride of every woman’s collection.



Buy Handloom, Stay Organic

The members of the Dongria Kondh tribal community cultivate the habit of giving it back to nature, from whom they take the resources of their survival. This artistic tribe of India has nurtured a deep sense of ecology that is so well portrayed in the embroidery of the sarees and shawls.

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