Know Your Handloom Series “DOLABEDI”

Facts of my dolabedi which I have learnt from my sources who weave the craft.. READ READ READ


From the looms of Sonepur… There’s much talk about the dolabedi sarees from various clusters. I as the owner of @sanskriticuttack prefer my sarees made in Sonepur because of the superior quality of mulberry silk. And the weight of the sarees. They are subtle and gorgeous. Dolabedi is a relatively new weave which inspired from Dola festival, which falls a day before HOLI. There are these small palanquins where Radha Krishna idols taken from the local temples or the chalanti pratima(you can’t just take the gods from their throne so there are the proxy idols of the gods who sit in the palanquins and people take them to door to door so respective families can offer bhog or prshad) Nothing to do with lord Jagannath let me be bit clear. Krisha and jagannath both are Avatar of lord Vishnu and dola purnima is a much celebrated festival in jagannath temple. So these palanquins are the inspiration of Dolabedi. The main place these sarees started weaveing was in Sonepur. Now they are weaved in Nuapatna in silk. And tussar in gopalpur.

Handloom sector is vast. And odisha handloom sector has so many variations of ikats and extraweft sarees. As per the place and inspirations the names are given to the sarees. That’s a topic for later I will try to cover.

These sarees are available to book in website or DM us to book them with us in Whatsapp. Keep following for new and interesting facts about odisha handmade Sarees.

PS: I acquired my knowledge by talking to various weavers and not here to defame or demean anyone. I talk the facts as I got from talking to various people who know the craft and making it for generations.

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