Splendid Pasapalli Sarees Of Odisha

Odisha Pasapalli handloom sarees are an ethnic and traditional handwoven saree that uses special and unique textiles and techniques. Skilled artisans from different corners of Odisha showcase native art forms through the yards of fabric. There are many types of Pasapalli handloom sarees, depending on the region of production, the fabric used, the weave of the fabric, and the designs on the fabric and pallu. If you love traditional fashion or enjoy experimenting with your style, then a Pasapalli handloom saree is an excellent choice.

1 Pasapalli Saree


2 Pasapalli Silk Black Saree


3 Pasapalli Tribal Design Silk Saree


4 Multicolor Pasapalli Saree Or Aswini Saree


5 Five Kothi Pasapali Silk Saree


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