The Versatile Saga Of Odisha Dongria Sarees

Odisha or Orissa, one of the eastern states of India, is known for its rich variety of ethnic Indian fashion wear. The state is renowned for its beautiful and gorgeous handloom textiles, especially sarees. The exquisite finish and delicate works of Orissa sarees have made them popular among saree lovers. In fact, handloom weaving in Orissa is one of the ancient and largest industries in India, supporting thousands of weavers and related craftsmen and artisans.

The whole process of making handcrafted Orissa sarees is mechanized to save time. However, the dying and weaving of the fabric have strong religious inspirations. Old religious texts and traditions, especially those revolving around Jagannath (Juggernaut or Lord Krishna), have highly motivated the weavers. The sarees, therefore, display a profound combination of colors of Jagannath, temple borders, and mythological motifs.

Orissa produces a wide variety of tussar silk and very sturdy cotton. Interestingly, the cotton from this state has a shiny finish and smooth texture. Orissa ikat dyeing and weaving is one of its kind and extremely popular among saree lovers.

Dongria Sarees are inspired by the Dongria or tribal art form of Orissa. They are handwoven by the Dongria Kondh tribe of the Munda ethnic group located in the Niyamgiri Hills from the districts of Rayagada and Kalahandi. These sarees are made of pure soft cotton fabric and eco-friendly natural products like dyes and cotton yarns. They are rare and unique, generally thick weaves with bright and vibrant color play and geometric and simple designs. Today, to keep up with changing times, there are prints and modern textures and designs.

One of the best parts of these ethnic sarees of Orissa is that they are now recognized worldwide for their myriad hues, exquisite textures, vibrancy, versatility, and affordability. Today, they can be spotted on fashion runways and red carpets. The artisans and craftsmen are constantly playing with colors, designs, and the base material to produce sarees for every mood, occasion, and need.

If you love Indian ethnic fashion and have a fondness for traditional Indian sarees, you must consider buying sarees of Orissa. These beautiful sarees will end up making you look more graceful and further enhance your beauty.

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