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Artistry of Gopalpur Tussar Silk: A Tale of Resilience and Craftsmanship

The Gopalpur cluster in India’s Jajpur district has become synonymous with the exquisite artistry of Tussar silk weaving. This article delves into the rich history of the cluster, the transition from cotton to silk weaving, the unique artisanal skills, and the exceptional beauty of Gopalpur Tussar silk. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of preserving this […]

The Curious Case of Gopalpur Tussar Sarees

Located on the banks of the majestic Brahmani river, the Gopalpur (Jajpur) cluster stands tall as one of India’s premier hubs for Tussar silk production. With a legacy spanning over four centuries, this cluster bears a deep connection with the revered saint, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Lord Chaitanya, an eminent Hindu scholar of the 15th-16th century, […]

Karvati Silk Sarees: A Laborious and Exquisite Craft from Vidarbha

Karvati tussar silk sarees, cherished treasures hailing from the enchanting Vidarbha region nestled within Maharashtra’s Bhandara district, hold an extraordinary allure. These resplendent sarees, woven meticulously from the exquisite Tussar silk, possess an unmistakable granular texture that enchants the senses. Unraveling a tale of exclusivity, Karvati kinar sarees remain a testament to the artistry found […]

Discover the Rich Heritage of Handloom Weaving in India: A Guide to Major Handlooms

India has a rich cultural heritage of handloom weaving, with each region showcasing its unique techniques and designs. In this guide, we cover major handlooms of India, highlighting the diverse range of fabrics and styles that make Indian handloom weaving so unique. From the rich designs of Banarasi silk to the airy texture of Kota […]

Different Types Of Handloom and Powerloom

Art Silk Art Silk is a term commonly used to refer to fabrics that imitate the appearance and texture of pure silk, but are made using synthetic or artificial fibers. These fibers provide the fabric with added strength and durability, while also reducing its cost. The extent of cost savings can vary depending on the […]

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